IOBIT Uninstaller Pro Key + Crack (Latest 2019)

IObit Uninstaller Pro License key Latest 2019:

IObit Uninstaller Pro Key is one of the popular free software uninstallers for Windows operating system thanks to a batch uninstall option, support for most Windows versions, and a quick install itself.

Every piece of a program is searched for and deleted, leaving no useless, crap files behind. You can uninstall applications with IObit Uninstaller Pro in a few different means depending on your particular situation, like using the Force Uninstall or Easy Uninstall feature.

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Features of IObit Uninstaller Pro Full With key 2019:

  • Works with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, and Windows 10
  • IObit Uninstaller Pro integrates itself into the Windows Explorer right-click context menu. Means you can remove programs from the desktop or any other folder without having first to open IObit Uninstaller Pro crack
  • You can sort the list of installed software by name, size, install date, or their version number
  • After uninstalling an application, IObit Uninstaller Pro searches through and delete any files that might be left behind after the uninstall. In both the file system and the registry, and notifies you how much free space was recovered
  • Forced Uninstall is a feature in IObit Uninstaller Pro full that can remove an application that was unable to be uninstalled by typical ways
  • A residual files cleaner can remove Windows patch cache files, unused files, and invalid shortcuts in the Downloads directory to recovery more storage space on the hard disk drive
  • You can see a list of applications that you infrequently use, as well as software that is taking up lots of disk storage
  • IObit Uninstaller lists out the Windows applications that were installed by default and also 3rd party apps, and you can uninstall any of them
  • You can find out more info on any installed program by right-clicking it and selecting to find the software in Windows Explorer, open it in your Registry Editor, or search for it online
  • IObit Uninstaller saves a history of everything you have removed so that you can see correctly what files and registry items were deleted
  • Files that cannot be removed while Windows is running will be scheduled to be deleted when you restart your computer
  • Startup applications can be disabled or completely removed, and startup processes can also be immediately terminated or removed from start-up
  • IObit Uninstaller can also delete system restore points, toolbars, browser plug-ins, browser extensions, Browser Help Objects. And even 3rd party programs that have been injected into your browsers
  • In the Software Updater section, there is a list of installed applications that could be updated to the latest version. You can then go directly to the download web page to get the most up-to-date version.

More About IOBit Uninstaller Pro key Latest version 2019:


Open IObit Uninstaller Pro Key and access the software screen on the left to see all the uninstall features. You can see a comprehensive list of installed apps, a list of bundleware if multiple applications were installed simultaneously. A full list of recently installed programs, a list of the applications taking up the most space on your hard disk drive, and a list of programs you hardly ever utilize.

If those criteria are the best method for you to uninstall a program, then you will want to open IObit Uninstaller that way. And use one of those parts of the software to remove the application in question.

Powerful Uninstall:

A quick way to uninstall programs with IObit Uninstaller is to right-click the program’s shortcut and click Powerful Uninstall. It will open the Uninstaller automatically and prompt you to remove the program.

This method is faster than opening IObit Uninstaller first and might be necessary if the program isn’t listed in IObit Uninstaller.

Easy Uninstall:

The Easy Uninstall option is a small green dot that you can drop onto a program to tell IObit Uninstaller to uninstall it. It’s beneficial if the software you want to uninstall is already open and running, but you aren’t sure how it got there or how to remove it.

To use these functions, hit the Ctrl+Alt+U keys on your keyboard, or open IObit Uninstaller’s tools menu on the top of the software to find Easy Uninstall. Drag the green dot onto the desktop shortcut or program window and click Uninstall or Open File Location. With it, you can learn more about where on your system that program is located.
Force Uninstall:

If your PC shut down or crashed while trying to install or uninstall any program. It might not show up in this software as an installed application even though the program is still there. It’s when the Force Uninstall option is handy.

Just drag the app’s shortcut, or any file related to that app, into the Force Uninstall window, and IObit Uninstaller will scan the system for anything related to that file or shortcut. When it finds a similar application, it will uninstall all of its data to clean your computer of the half-installed software effectively.

It is the best feature if the above techniques of removing a program were not enough, and you know that some of the files were left behind. Open one of those individual files in this part of IObit Uninstaller to forcibly remove the whole program.

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  • Quick installation
  • Supports batch uninstalls
  • Creates a restore point before removing software
  • Supports removing updates installed with Windows Update
  • Able to search through the list of extensions, programs, and plug-ins
  • Explains which installed applications could be updated to a newer version
  • Allows drag & drop to uninstall a program
  • The list of apps can be exported to a TXT file
  • Portable version is available
  • Also includes a folder and file shredder


  • No feature to remove a software entry from the list of installed software
  • An advertisement sometimes appears after removing programs
  • Other applications might ask to be installed during setup
  • Does not let you remove all parts of bundleware (only tells you about it)

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