USB Safeguard 2019 Latest Version Free

USB Safeguard is a portable program that enables you to protect your private data with a password on your removable USB drive using the secure AES 256 bits key. It protects your data by creating a safe password-protected virtual drive on your portable memory device (USB flash drive, SSD, HDD hard drive, memory card).

Once set, nobody will be able to access your files without the right password. USB Safeguard is a portable program and has been developed to run directly from your drive on any computer and place (Internet cafe, computer office) without admin rights. Keeps data protected on all systems as well as Windows, Linux, and Mac. No needs installation runs directly from your portable drive, Instant lock when unplug the drive. The free version works only with USB drives of size Maximum 4 GB.

It’s best to consider a solution to keep data safe from unauthorized access. USB Safeguard is a program with a pretty self-explanatory name it allows you to protect your USB flash drive with a password. It can be used easily, even by inexperienced individuals.

There aren’t any complicated settings to concern yourself with, all that’s required is for a password to be set up. AES 256 bits encryption is used to make sure that your data can’t be read until the proper password has been entered. And also the fact that the program is compatible with all versions of Windows means it’s ideal for anyone who works with several different computers.

The free version of the program can be used with USB drives with a capacity of up to 4GB. But if you want to work with larger drives, you will have to invest in regular version; this allows you to secure drives of up to 16TB in size.

You can protect the portable drive by setting up a master password. A hint can be added for helping in case oy forget the password so you can remember.

The GUI interface is minimalistic and is designed only for permitting you to input the correct password and gain access to your files.

USB Safeguard 2019 Latest Version Free

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Also, it hides a few configuration settings under in the hood which can be used for selecting the preferred drive letter from the drop-down list. Automatically closes the virtual drive after a few minutes of inactivity, as well as automatically closing the drive through a hotkey (CTRL + the current drive letter).

USB Safeguard delivers an efficient and straightforward software solution for helping you keep your private files in a password-protected virtual drive. And can be used by all types of users, regardless of their experience level.

Lightweight and easy to deploy:

This type of software solution is particularly useful when you want to protect sensitive data stored on your USB against unauthorized users.

It is a portable program, so there is no installation package available. It means you have to store USB Safeguard Free on the removable pen drive, store it to any device, and directly run its executable file.

The device on which you store the program must be NTFS for it to run correctly. It is not an issue because the application asks you whether or not you want to format under the specific type before use.

Use a password to protect content:

Therefore, the Windows registry isn’t updated with new entries and no leftover files can be found on the drive after program removal.

Upon the first start of USB Safeguard Free, you need to set the USB password (using the AES 256-bit encryption method). That password you will use every time you need to access your files. Additionally, you can change the option in the app to show the typed password, instead of displaying asterisk keys.

Gets the job done flawlessly:

Unfortunately, USB Safeguard Free doesn’t offer you the ability to change the password. Moreover, the free version of the tool works only with pen drives with a size of a maximum of 2GB. It requires a meager amount of system resources and did not cause us any issues during our testing, such as crashing, freezing, or popping up error dialogs.


  • Supports USB Storage drive, HDD drive, SSD, memory card and others
  • Permits you to open your private files on any Windows PC Windows admin rights*
  • Keeps data secure on all systems including Windows Linux and Mac
  • It does not require installation, runs directly from your drive
  • Auto drive locking if the user is inactive
  • File system encryption with AES 256 bits key
  • Instant lock when unplug the drive
  • New corporate admin feature
  • There is no back door
  • 100% portable
  • No installation required
  • It can use the virtual keyboard (for those who have a Memory card in your Mac, such as cafes or public concerns over the use of computer hacker and afraid lost password keylogger to steal it)
  • Ease of use and ability to drag & drop
  • It can eliminate encrypted files if it finds a memory card, enter the wrong password more than ‘n’ times
  • Runs with any USB pen drive

Supported OS:

  • Win2000, Windows XP, Windows 7 X32, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 10, WinServer, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64 Mac, and Linux.


  • The Setup Only Runs If It’s Placed In A “Removable Device”
  • The Software Only Works If The Removable Device Is In “NTFS Format“
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